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It's always exciting watching the landscape transform into a luscious state of green as Spring approaches. Even though last Spring was one of the greenest Springs in my memory, it was this scene of fiery red that still sticks with me most. This image presented itself during a backpacking trip on Catalina Island. After a spontaneous near 20-mile hike on our first day, we were rewarded with the appearance of a huge wild bison heard just as the sky began was set ablaze. This bison in particular stood out as one of the largest of the herd yet seemed so gentle as he gazed longingly over the rolling green hills towards the coast.

The American bison is a non-native species of Catalina Island that was originally brought to the island for a movie filming in 1972. After the filming concluded, the bison remained and the Catalina Island Conservancy has since worked to maintain a healthy bison population while also maintaining the health of the island. It is expected that this year will be the first time in 5 years that the island will see bison calves born. Nearly every time I go to my local beach I can look out at Catalina Island. It's cool to think that maybe this guy is looking back.