Personal Favorites - Blake Simpson
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Attempting to find a fresh scene rather the usual sunset on my college campus, I decided to head to the local Will Rogers State Beach. Even though my camera and I always end up getting soaked and my tripod full of sand, seascapes are gradually becoming my favorite subject to photograph. There’s nothing that makes me feel more connected to a scene than standing in the powerful ocean tides, feeling the spray of crashing waves, and absorbing the warm sunlight. This shot was especially fun and challenging for me to photograph because it was high tide and there were no interesting rocks or sea stacks at this beach that I could use as a subject. Instead, I had to experiment with long exposures and work with only water motion to create a compelling image. After carefully observing the patterns of the tide, I eventually captured this heart-shaped pattern in the waves which I thought made for some nice symmetry with sky and completed the photo. I processed the photo by cooling the temperature of the ocean and warming the temperature of the exploding red sky. I emphasized the contrasts of both color and shape in the composition, and was reminded of a human heart. The powerful Los Angeles coast pumped deep red clouds and cool blue water around me as I stood in awe of nature's beauty.

From By the Sea