Under the Trees - Blake Simpson
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Ride the Lightning

This was the first waterfall I visited on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. While my friends and I found the popular vantage point of Upper Panther Creek Falls just a short stroll away from our car, the real adventure arrived when we climbed down wet ropes and slid down muddy cliffs until we could physically stand in the fall's running water. After some more exploring and descending down the forest slopes, I arrived to these lower falls while my friend Alex climbed out and precariously perched herself on a log above. Viewing waterfalls from a distance is nice, but I have never felt more creative inspiration than I do when I find myself knee deep in powerful, cold water, rain beating down on my head, studying and arranging my surroundings through my camera. It was cool to meet two other local photographers, whose work has been an inspiration to me, who both expressed similar feelings when submerged in these types of landscapes. Until next time, Pacific Northwest. I know we'll meet again soon (2016).