By the Sea - Blake Simpson
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Cook's Toilet Bowl

Since I was a little kid, I have visited this part of Oregon to see my grandparents. I have many memories of visiting the blowholes of Cape Perpetua, exploring the tide-pools, and eating hotdogs from the local coffee stand. In recent years, "Thor's Well" has become a popular spot for tourists, however I had never really paid attention to it until this summer; the other blowholes of Devil's Churn were always more interesting to me. Kylene from the local coffee stand told us that she had always referred to this since childhood as "Cook's Toilet Bowl" as it looked more like a giant toilet in the area that Captain Cook had once explored.
Still, for a toilet bowl, it is a beautiful scene located in one of my favorite regions I have ever been to.
This shot was really exciting to take as water would shoot up over 15 feet in the air directly in front of my face. Both my camera and I got soaked. I ended up removing my shirt and jacket as I was unprepared and needed something to cover up my camera. I ended up cold and wet but the adrenaline experienced and beauty witnessed made the shot well worth it.