By the Sea - Blake Simpson
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Seagull's Landing

I’ve been spending too much time thinking about how I’m going to become “successful” as an artist. Though the photos I’ve been recently taking captured beautiful things, they held little meaning to me and failed to provide me with that intimate connection to nature that made me fall in love with the art in the first place. I finally caught a glimpse of meaning again along the same Southern California coast I have known my entire life.

After arriving to this location with my friends, I was immediately drawn to this island out of reach, and I scrambled down the rocks to chase it. As I stood on the ledge before it, I felt the contrast of the cool winter water and warm setting sunlight. I felt the light breaking through the gray clouds, energizing and highlighting everything it touched. I felt the harsh crashing waves dissipate into a refreshing mist that gently glazed my skin. I was lost in the moment. The racing anxieties and worries that can occupy my brain all vacated to the point where I was no longer thinking, just experiencing.

The photo makes me reflect on where I’m at in my journey as an artist. I find myself looking ahead to the out of reach, idealized future, concerning myself with logistics, and sometimes neglecting the beauty of the present. But as I took this photo, I basked in the warmth of the present, embraced head-on the turbulent uncertainty of the future, and accepted that there was a greater plan ahead of me. Letting go of my thoughts, I was rewarded with peace and a connection to the landscape around me. I hope that I keep doing what I love rather than worrying about the how. I hope I focus more on feeling than on thinking.

Title dedicated to my friend “Seagull” who introduced me to this location.