Among the Mountains - Blake Simpson
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Looked Like Giants

Every landscape photographer (including me) has a story of how they rushed and scrambled and set up their gear just in time to get the perfect shot of some fleeting beautiful moment. While this is sometimes the case in making an image, I find that my most meaningful creations come from exploration, studying, patience, and deliberate composition. The summer weather in the Italian Dolomites, although less than ideal for the casual hiker, is perfect for a photographer. Rather than feeling than need to frantically chase colorful light during the "magical" hours, you can watch the storm clouds come and go all through the day as they shroud the mountain peaks and then reveal them in all their glory. Many of the photos I took came from sitting and patiently watching the weather change the mountains, regardless of the time of day or color in the sky. There was never a rush or stress to the photo-making, just contemplation and relaxation.